Miss Fashionista

My eyes have been trained to spot matchboxes on the roads and painted murals on the walls through repetitive search for the same. Other way to put it would be that I subconsciously look for visual disobedience of the slightest nature. A new city (moved to Hyderabad recently) opens up large arenas for exploration. But,... Continue Reading →


The Automobile Decorator

I had crossed past them in an auto on several days, always in a hurry, on my way to office wondering next time I'd definitely find time to stop and click. Today, having no such pre-requisite intention, I happened to be walking to the IFFCO metro station and I was able to catch the last... Continue Reading →

Orange sh(r)ine

He came with his sunny yellow tarpaulin sack, cleaned a little space on the pavement and sat there with his walking stick rested in front. It seemed something customary to his routine, settling down and then wiping the stick clean. Shortly after came two kids who had been shooed away just fifteen minutes earlier, ┬átaking... Continue Reading →

Someday, Somewhere in Delhi

This post is being written in the light of some usual-unusual events that occurred recently in Delhi. A fan girl (that's me) met the man of her day dreams. It was all staged. She had been eagerly waiting for the evening since when she was aware of such an opportunity. It was said that he... Continue Reading →

Shukratal- The temple town

It was a decision made in haste. With one bit faith in our teacher and other bit in the unknown, we hopped on the bus that led us to Shukratal eventually. Having done a historical check, we knew this was a religious town having the mythical history that it was the place where Shrimad Bhagwad... Continue Reading →


Breezy, whispery silence in Nako, as if the winds have all those thousands of messages which, were left undelivered yet. It is a gush of information, not in the bookish way known but in the form of gibberish notes of music. The lake sparkles like a million twinkling lights, the mountains half-hidden, half-revealed by the... Continue Reading →


I will narrate it backwards. We hugged her goodbye at the hostel gate which she was not allowed to enter. Not anymore. She held my hand and made me walk on the road, not right or left but in the center so that I was safe. She told us tales of her beliefs, of times... Continue Reading →

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